Howell Is The First Stop For Festive Flutes Library Tour

Howell Is The First Stop For Festive Flutes’ Library Tour
The Howell Times
February 5, 2011
By Jim Purcell

Festive Flutes is embarking on its annual season for touring libraries throughout Monmouth and Ocean counties, and the group’s first stop is at the Howell Township Library.

According to Festive Flutes founder and director Marjorie Koharski, the group has been touring libraries for more than 20 years. The performance will take place Saturday, February 19 between 2 and 3 p.m. and include performances by composers like Mozart and Brahms, nocturns, serenades, folk music and “things associated with the night,” Koharski said.

Her group of flutists for the performance includes: Carol Wasserman, Emily Skarbowski, Gwendolyn Morris and herself. Howell Township Library Branch Manager Dianne Rieth said she looks forward to the Festive Flutes making their yearly trek to the town. “I really see the library as being someplace that should be a community center,” she said. “Festive Flutes fits right into my idea of having a program each month that is good for all ages of people.”

Rieth, who was a teacher for many years previously, said that being exposed to music is always a positive thing for young people, and augments students’ academic development. “So, Festive Flutes are a very nice tradition here in Howell,” she said. Koharski said the group’s original concept, years ago, was directed at performing before audiences of children. However, older people, especially senior citizens, began taking an active interest in attending performances. This culminated in the group largely performing before adult audiences these days, with only some children in attendance.

Nevertheless, Koharski said her group’s performances are also educational events, as she explains some details about the music being performed to the crowds. Koharski herself has been a flute player since the seventh grade, and took private instruction and even some college courses in music to hone her craft. Today, she still engages in an hour of practice daily in maintaining her playing edge. Koharski’s musical resume also includes being a member of the Monmouth County Symphony Orchestra and principal flutist with the Manalapan Symphony Orchestra. She is also a former faculty member of the Monmouth Conservatory of Music, as well as being a current member of the New York Flute Club and National Flute Association.

Professionally, Festive Flutes’ founder is a retired educator who still keeps her hands in teaching, though to flute players in her hometown of Neptune. According to Koharski, Festive Flutes does include new flutists, and there are auditions for places in the group each year around July. For more information about Festive Flutes, go to their Web site at or call Koharski directly at 732-922-2273. To get in touch with the Howell Township Public Library, call 732-938-2300, or go to their Web site, at monmouthcountylib.

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