The Festive Flutes Perform Holiday Concert

The Coast Star
December 5, 2005
By Emily Clark

The Festive FlutesUsually, one is told to keep quiet at the library, but this Sunday Spring Lake’s librarians actually invited in noise - the sound of flutes.

The Festive Flutes performed for an hour-long program that, according to Spring Lake Public Library Director Kateri Quinn, was “absolutely beautiful.”

She said she was “thrilled” with the night and said that the performance had “a nice finish.”

The flutists presented a varied repertoire, beginning with classical composers, such as Handel and Tchaikovsky, and moving later into popular Christmas tunes such as “Let it Snow” and “Jingle Bells.”

Founder and director of The Festive Flutes, Marjorie Koharski, said the audience was “very nice” and that the room in which the flutists performed, the Brown Room of the Spring Lake Memorial Community House, had a warm, Christmas feel.

Fifty to 60 people turned out to hear Ms. Koharski and the all-high-school aged group, who come from as far south as Toms River and as far north as Hazlet.

Ms. Quinn reported many attendees came up to her afterwards and thanked her for arranging the performance, and the next day, she began receiving phone calls — some with more thanks and some wondering when the next musical event will be.

The Festive Flutes is now in its 18th year. Current members are Caitlin Bogdan, Jacqueline Calcagno, Ron Campo, Elizabeth Casper, Stacy Daily and Megan Natoli. Its FluteMaster, Ms. Koharski, is a member of the Monmouth County Symphony Orchestra and many other music cooperatives. She teaches flute in her Neptune Studio.