Festive Flutes to liven up Wall Library

Festive Flutes to liven up Wall Library
The Wall Herald
January 28, 1999
Travis Cunningham - Managing Editor

The melodies and harmonies of many nations will fill the air at the Wall Township Library on Thursday, Feb. 25, as The Festive Flutes, a semi-professional flute choir, take the stage. The Festive Flutes are in their 12th year of performing throughout New Jersey, and their performance at the Wall Library is part of their ninth year of presenting annual recitals for young audiences during the winter and early spring.

The Festive Flutes director, Marjorie Koharski of Neptune, said the idea for the flute choir grew as a logical extension of the flute lessons she teaches. "I started with pupils from my flute classes", said Koharski. "One girl's mom played the piano and accompanied us. When we started, we played organizations that my students' moms belonged to, like women's clubs".

After a while, Koharski began to hold auditions for the group, adding some adults - many of whom had been music majors - to the flute choir. The Festive Flutes "gives adults a place to play", said Koharski, allowing them to "keep up their musical skills".

Over the years, The Festive Flutes have become well known in the area. Highlights of the flute choir's 12 years of performing include an appearance at Drew University's first annual Flute Choir Festival, and being featured on News 12 New Jersey.

The Festive Flutes current lineup includes Jamie Arasz Prioli and Cyndie VanBavel, Ocean Township; Veronica Benjamin, Neptune; Nancy Bierbrauer and Janet Rollar, Brick; Ellie Cheung, Holmdel; and Michelle Horner, Howell.

At the performance at Wall Library, The Festive Flutes will present "A Musical Journey" featuring music of various countries and composers. The Irish Londonderry Air, Japanese Sakura, French Allouette, The Mexican Hat Dance, and works by Grieg, Tchaikovsky and (Koharski's favorite) Bach will be featured.

In addition to the library performance, The Festive Flutes will perform a closed recital for the residents of The Arbors in Spring Lake Heights as part of their senior residence program in March.

Asked about the rewards of playing for the community, Koharski responded, "We feel we have something that can bring pleasure into their lives".

The Festive Flutes performance at the Wall Township Public Library, Allaire and Bailey's Corner Road, is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25, at 7 p.m. Call the library at 449-5995 for more information.

For additional information on The Festive Flutes or to schedule a recital, call 732-922-2273.